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Call Handling Solutions

Our call handling solutions offer a range of business support options for sole traders, small and large businesses, and those run from single offices or a multi-site.

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Providing the Support Your Business Needs

Sole Traders

We know that as a sole trader, your business needs can change all the time and can often be impacted by what’s going on in your life as a whole.

If you are a start-up, freelance business, sole trader, a one-man band or consultant, it’s likely that you rarely have time to breathe, let alone answer the phone when it rings. Answering calls can often interrupt a crucial task, a meeting with potential customers or much-needed time to focus.

We can provide you with regular business support, which works around your lifestyle, so if you need to adjust your schedule at the last minute, we can call and reschedule all your appointments for you.

Small Businesses

Many small businesses have extremely busy teams, even before having to deal with the continual interruption of a ringing phone.

Constant phone calls disrupt work and focus. Additionally, not being able to answer the phone because you’re too busy working, already on the phone, or in meetings, looks bad to potential enquiries and customers.

Our team at We Take Calls can take care of all your phone calls and customer service needs. Equally, if your team tends to receive a copious amount of phone calls, we can take care of any overflow or support you with holiday cover.

Large Businesses

Our team completely understand the complexities of running a large business and how both planned and unplanned extra support can be crucial. We know that a staff member going off sick at the last minute can impact time management. Or how running an event, or even a busy week of meetings can reduce your ability to be able to provide the consistent levels of customer service that you like to provide.

Whatever the reason, our team can provide valuable and reliable customer support in the amount of time it takes to make a phone call.

Multi-Site Office

Running a business that has offices in multiple sites, with large and busy teams can sometimes be a logistical nightmare to manage. Our dedicated team of call handlers, and customer service experts can receive all your team’s calls from all your sites.

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