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Virtual Office Address

Do you need an official address for your business? Whether a sole trader, a partnership or limited company, you will need a registered address. Discover the benefits of using a virtual office address.

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We offer virtual address solutions to help build your company’s presence in the United Kingdom. Portray a professional image and boost online traffic while maintaining your privacy.

Do I Need a Business Address?

Every UK-based company needs an official business address which must be a physical address in the same country that your business has been registered in. For more information on address requirements for UK businesses check out HMRC.

What are the benefits of having a virtual office address?

Work from anywhere

A virtual office address gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere without the expense of maintaining a physical office.

Increase your professional image and credibility

Having an official business address establishes credibility and approachability, attracting customers and boosting your reputation. This also helps dismiss doubts about your legitimacy, making your business more appealing.

Maintain your privacy

With a virtual location, your home address stays private. You don’t need to share it on business documents, websites, or for receiving mail or packages from partners, even if you’re still running your business from home.


A virtual office address is a cost-effective alternative to a traditional office. You get a professional business address without high rents, reducing expenses on commuting, office maintenance and more. This allows you to save money and invest more in your business.


If you work from home, or it’s your main correspondence address for certain things, it might be the only business address you have BUT you may not want it to be publicly available.

That’s perfectly legal and is also very common. In those situations, you can use an appointed agent to use as an address, who will also forward your post. That’s where we come in.

We Take Calls can act as your UK business address. If you work from home, work from a coworking space, or have an office that may not be appropriate to use as a business address, we can act as your business address.

You can then use the address on any paperwork, on your website and your business cards. It is important to note that your business address is not the same as your registered address.

If you use We Take Calls as your business address, then we can receive your mail and forward it to your property, or any other address for an additional cost. You can either email, call, or come to our office to collect your post.

Our business address service is flexible, so you can start and stop it, as needed, meaning if you don’t need your mail handled and forwarded for a period of time, we can put a pause on the service until it’s needed again.

Your registered address is ‘where official communications will be sent’ and it must be a physical address, not a PO Box number (unless the PO Box has a physical address and postcode following it). The registered address needs to be in the country that your business is registered in so that if your business is based in Scotland, that’s where your registered address must be.

You can use a home address or the address of the person who handles your Corporation Tax. Companies commonly use their accountant’s address.

Contact us today to find out more about using our business address service and how to sign up for mail forwarding and handling.

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